Meet the Team

Meet our wonderful team at Stock Pre-School.

IMG_0729Lisa White

Lisa is the Pre-School Manager and has been with us for over 11 years.  Lisa is Level 4 trained, Senior Safeguarding Officer, Health and Hygiene Co-ordinator, Under 3’s co-ordinator,  First Aid trained and Health & Safety Officer. Lisa is passionate about the Pre-School always striving to enhance our provision by constantly researching new ideas and initiatives. She describes the team as ‘like a family, our individual strengths all complimenting each other to make a wonderful learning and nurturing experience for all the children’






Suzanne EdwardsIMG_0737

Suzanne is our Riser’s Supervisor and has been with the Pre-School for over 9 years.  Suzanne is Level 4 trained, First Aid trained and Transition Officer. Suzanne is also responsible for bringing to life the wonderful festivals and events we celebrate at the Pre-School. Being a mum of 5 and a granny she has a wealth of experience and has developed a fantastic relationship with the local Primary school. She has a special interest in ensuring the transition from Pre-School to Primary is as seamless as can be.





IMG_0751Bev Armishaw

Bev is a Deputy Supervisor at the Pre-School and has worked with us for over 11 years.  Bev is Level 3 trained, SENCO, First Aid trained and Deputy Child Protection Officer. Bev is very passionate about her role as a Special Educational Needs coordinator and is constantly researching strategies & putting together action plans to ensure each and every child is given the best opportunity to learn. She has a special interest in supporting children with language delay and is currently working towards a recognised qualification in this area.






IMG_0745Sharon Hill

Sharon is a Level 3 trained Pre-School Assistant who has been part of the team for over 9 years.  Sharon is the ENCO, Assistant SENCO and a Senior First Aid Officer. Sharon’s forte is developing learning in the outdoor area. She has a wonderful way of creating amazing spaces and developing the imagination.






IMG_0747Amanda Greensmith

Amanda is a Level 2 trained Pre-School Assistant who has been with the Pre-School for over 6 years.  Amanda is first aid trained and  brings so much fun to our sessions with her happy disposition and her love of all things outdoors including bugs…. Previously a  Beaver leader so she has excellent topic knowledge that the children love to learn about. She is also our ‘Arty’ one!






IMG_0732Louise Dodge

Louise is a Level 3 qualified Pre-School Assistant and has completed her First Aid training.  Louise joined the Pre-School team in 2015 and  enjoys all parts of Pre-School activities but especially enjoys singing with the children and reading stories.







IMG_0758Natalie Posthuma

Natalie joined the Pre-School in 2015 as a Pre-School Assistant and is now a qualified level 3 practitioner and  First Aid trained. Natalie is the  talent behind our wonderful garden introducing the children to the responsibility of looking and caring for the Pre-School garden  as well as growing their own vegetables to eat for snack. Natalie has a love for all things furry so we now have two new attendees to the Pre-School  – Guinea Pigs 🙂






Loraine GordonIMG_0760.jpeg

Loraine joined the Pre-School team in 2014 as a Pre-School Relief Assistant and is First Aid trained. Alongside giving enhanced support to children that require it, Loraine is very hands on in all our sessions. She has a natural rapport with the children and a flock of children will always be seen wherever Loraine is in the setting.





IMG_0748Jo Frost

Jo joined the Pre-School in 2015 as the Pre-School Administrator, if you have any questions about the Pre-School Jo will be happy to help.