Meet the Team

Meet our wonderful team at Stock Pre-School.

IMG_0729Lisa White – Manager 

Lisa is the Pre-School Manager and has been with us for over 12 years.  Lisa is Level 4 trained, Senior Safeguarding Officer, Health and Hygiene Co-ordinator, Under 3’s co-ordinator,  First Aid trained and Health & Safety Officer. Lisa is passionate about the Pre-School always striving to enhance our provision by constantly researching new ideas and initiatives. She describes the team as, ‘like a family, our individual strengths all complimenting each other to make a wonderful learning and nurturing experience for all the children’ Lisa also plays an active role within the Fund Raising committee.






Suzanne Edwards – Risers SupervisorIMG_0737

Suzanne is our Riser’s Supervisor and has been with the Pre-School for over 10 years.  Suzanne is Level 4 trained, First Aid trained and Transition Officer. Suzanne is also responsible for bringing to life the wonderful festivals and events we celebrate at the Pre-School. Being a mum of 5 and a granny she has a wealth of experience and has developed a fantastic relationship with the local Primary school. She has a special interest in ensuring the transition from Pre-School to Primary is as seamless as can be. Suzanne is also a star at Fund Raising always offering her help.






Bev Armishaw – Deputy Manager IMG_0751

Bev is the Deputy Manager at the Pre-School and has worked with us for over 12 years.  Bev is Level 3 trained, SENCO, First Aid trained and Deputy Child Protection Officer. Bev is very passionate about her role as a Special Educational Needs coordinator and is constantly researching strategies & putting together action plans to ensure each and every child is given the best opportunity to learn. She has a special interest in supporting children with language delay and is currently working towards a recognised qualification in this area. Bev’s other passion is Yoga, which she now teaches to the children after completing a course this year.





IMG_0732Louise Dodge – Pre-School Assistant

Louise is a Level 3 qualified Pre-School Assistant and has completed her First Aid training.  Louise joined the Pre-School team in 2015 and enjoys all parts of Pre-School activities but especially enjoys singing with the children and reading stories. Louise’s gentle caring nature always shines through.






IMG_0758Natalie Posthuma- Pre-School Assistant

Natalie joined the Pre-School in 2015 as a Pre-School Assistant and is now a qualified level 3 practitioner and  First Aid trained. Natalie is the talent behind our wonderful garden introducing the children to the responsibility of looking and caring for the Pre-School garden as well as growing their own vegetables to eat for a snack. Natalie has a love for all things furry so we now have two new attendees to the Pre-School  – Guinea Pigs 🙂






JenJen – Pre-School Assistant

Jen is an experienced level 3 practitioner, First Aid trained and our ENCO – Equality Named Co-ordinator. Jen exudes happiness and jollity and the children absolutely adore her.  She always throws herself 100% into everything at Pre-School including World Book day when Jen dressed up as the beautiful Butterfly from Hungry Caterpillar. We cant wait to see what you might be this year Jen .






Loraine Gordon – Pre-School Relief AssistantIMG_0760.jpeg

Loraine joined the Pre-School team in 2014 as a Pre-School Relief Assistant and is First Aid trained. Alongside giving enhanced support to children that require it, Loraine is very hands-on in all our sessions. She has a natural rapport with the children and a flock of children will always be seen wherever Loraine is in the setting.






IMG_0745Sharon Hill – Pre-School Assistant

Sharon is a Level 3 trained Pre-School Assistant who has been part of the team for over 10 years. Sharon recently retired, however, has decided to stay on as Bank staff as she can’t bear to leave for good.    Sharon’s forte is developing learning in the outdoor area. She has a wonderful way of creating amazing spaces and developing imagination.






Carly Probert –  Pre School Assistant 

Carly joined the Pre-School in 2017 and embarked upon her level 3 training this year. Carly is a much-loved member of staff, being a professional singer and Drama teacher she brings a fabulous musicality to the Pre-School.  Carly’s two young children also attended the Pre-School so she can really help settle new parent nerves. Carly is a much welcome addition to our family.








Sue Turner – Breakfast Club Supervisor

Sue is our  Breakfast Club Supervisor, she has a wealth of experience as she used to run the Pre-School many years ago! Sue is a real hit with the breakfast club children, as well as ensuring they are full up with food and ready for the day ahead she can be seen teaching them good old fashioned draughts and card games! Who knew 7.45 am could be such fun!






NicolaNicola – Pre-School Administrator

Nicola has recently joined the Preschool as our Administrator. She is the person that you will chat to if you want to add sessions or talk about funding and Uniform or if you just have a small query she will always be happy to help.