This term

Lots of exciting celebrations this term, firstly we celebrate Year of the Pig for Chinese New year and make all things Pig ! Peppa has been very popular as we ensure the learning has a relevance to your child’s interests. We then swiftly move in to ‘Bird watch week’ . As you know at Pre-School we love our Garden and the children spend a lot of time planting and nurturing this area. Over the next couple of weeks the children will be filling it with Bird Feeders all made by themselves. We hope to spot a variety of birds as they come for their dinner. The children will be given a spotting sheet to bring home over half term so they can continue spotting in their own gardens. We would love to see any pictures of birds you may find too.

We will continue to use our on line system to provide valuable observations of your child’s learning at Pre-School but we would love to see more observations from home too. From days out to just simply reading a bed time story with them . By uploading a photograph and a short description we can really get a sense of what your child loves to do at home and this helps build an even stronger relationship between us all.

We have our annual parent evening on March 12th and we look forward to sharing all the wonderful things you d child does at Pre-School, please don’t forget that you don’t have to wait until this day, your Key person is always available for you to chat too in the session.