About us

Stock Pre-School – Our Ethos

We offer a safe, nurturing environment in which each individual child is recognised, valued and supported to achieve their potential through meaningful play experiences. Our free-flowing space from indoors to outdoors ensures those children who learn best through active movement  thrive too.  Our wonderful garden is a constant changing canvas supporting the children’s problem-solving skills and nurturing their creativity, as well as providing rich opportunities for their developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

How do we achieve:-

  • Competent and creative learners; who are curious about the world around them?
  • Secure and Confident learners; who enjoy coming to Pre-School, learning new skills and building on their existing skills?
  • Skilful Communicators ; who connect with others through language and play ensuring that they have the opportunity to play in a language rich environment? 

We use stimulating, open-ended activities alongside loose parts which encourages the children to use sustained shared thinking with their peers and practitioners. We support them to  persist at activities when facing difficulties thus developing their resilience and problem-solving skills. We like to  offer challenging activities that will encourage them to develop  ‘in the moment’ with staff there to scaffold and support  their play. Our garden is just one of the areas that is a wonderful example of a space that offers these  limitless possibilities.

By following our children’s interests and being guided by their parent and  Key Person, we ensure the activities that are pre-planned are meaningful and that the children can show high levels of engagement whilst playing with them. We try to ignite their curiosity and wonder by providing resources or topic led activities that they may not normally be party to. We pride ourselves on always  considering their individual characteristics and stage of development when planning these.

Our Key values at Stock Pre-School are Kindness, Compassion and Respect for one another. During small group times we will share our feelings and help the children to  recognise the important part they play in each others journey, as well as being good role models and citizens for them to learn from.

We have designed our curriculum to represent the children that are part of our setting and it will always remain fluid and  interchangeable allowing us to ensure that each and every child age and stage is valued.

The areas of development covered within the Early Years Foundation stage are;

  • Communication and language
  • Maths
  • Physical development
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Understanding the world
  • Literacy

How the Pre-School is run

The Pre-School is an Incorporated Charitable company which is limited by guarantee and run by a Committee of parents/volunteers who act as the Company Directors.  The Company is registered in England and Wales under Company number 65082343.  The Pre-School’s registered charity number is 1125535.  Stock Pre-School is also a member of the Pre-School Learning Allowance.

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