Our garden

Autumn is on it’s way!

Our garden has been amazing this summer! It has produced some lovely fruits and vegetables and the flowers and plants have encouraged lots of little bugs and creatures to set up home in our garden. The welly boot competition also added some amazing colour to the entrance of the pre-school. A lot of the wellies need replanting now and it is one of our jobs to do this term.

pic 2 garden                                                  pic 3 garden                                                       pic 1 garden

It isn’t all over yet though!

We still have lots growing. If you look round our garden you should be able to find tomatoes, runner beans, strawberries, peppers, leeks, courgettes and lots of herbs. There are also some potatoes in their sack, but they are still hiding in the soil at the moment. Not for long though!

pic 5 garden                                               pic 6 garden                                                           pic 4 garden


With the autumn months coming we have now started concentrating on the sensory side of the garden. We look forward to using our sense of taste when we pick the last of the fruit and vegetables that are growing, but we will also look at what we can see, hear, smell and touch. We have introduced plants with different shaped leaves and that have different colours and textures. There are also wind chimes and different stones and wood textures. The herbs introduce scents, as do things like wet soil and bark.

pic 8 garden                                              pic 9 garden                                                           pic 7 garden

The last change to our garden is the addition of the hutch. Very shortly the guinea pigs will be moving into the garden. In addition to the wildlife in the garden this will enable us to give the children the experience of caring for and looking after living things. The children loved the guinea pigs visiting last term so hopefully they will love feeding, grooming and looking after them just as much.

pic 11 garden                                                                              pic 10 garden