SEND Local Offer

Stock Pre-School provides an environment in which all children, including those with special needs and disabilities (SEND) are supported to reach their full potential. We offer:-

  • A stimulating, safe and nurturing environment with a high ratio of practitioners to children;
  • Highly qualified, caring and experienced staff;
  • Early identification of any specific needs (met through initial EYFS 2 year check and followed up with regular progress checks summarising each child’s development in all EYFS 7 areas);
  • Full support and needs met for any child with a medical condition or disability through sharing of information with parents and outside professionals ensuring that any necessary implentations and actions have been met before commencing pre-school;
  • Designated key person for each child with full support from SENCO to work daily on implementing any actions or recommendations to ensure consistent support is met in all areas;
  • All information shared with parents, including a unique personalised ‘next steps’ form to be implemented for each child working on any strengths and interests to further extend, concrete areas of learning. We value all input from parents;
  • Support and partnership with parents in making any necessary referrals in order to progress a child’s development. The SENCO to liaise with the parent and outside professionals to implement actions or recommendations which will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. All information will be dealt with in a confidential and professional manner;
  • A personalised plan will be drawn up by the SENCO (incorporating any recommendations from professionals) and shared/cascaded with all staff to ensure that all practitioners in the setting understand their responsibilities and are meeting specific needs and offering a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum;
  • Inclusive environment offering a wide range of experiences across different cultures, languages and celebrations;
  • Regular monitoring and reviewing of policies, practices and provision, make immediate adjustments when necessary in order that the Pre-School is continually evolving to cater for all needs as effectively as possible;
  • A specific ‘Risers’ session to aid transition to school and extend learning and development in all areas including focus on ‘letters and sounds’ in line with the school curriculum;
  • Our aim is to encourage all children to become confident independent learners able to communicate their own views about the world around them in order that they will be prepared and equipped to make the next transition in their learning journey.