This term


Welcome !

As we enter the last part of the Summer term we will be making sure our Risers have the confidence and independence to thrive at Primary School. Lots of practising of ‘doing things’ by themselves. For example being able to pop their coats on and off, their shoes on and off, manage snack/lunch and toileting. Lots of speaking and listening activities to support their confidence and most importantly to have a fun packed learning experience. Of course this year has been rather different to the ones before  and our transitional activities have not been able to take place , trips to Stock Primary have been halted but every opportunity we get we pop out on to the field and talk to the staff over the fence. We are hopeful  that the reception teachers will come for an outdoor visit soon. 

The children will be caring for the plants in the garden this term including their planted welly boots, which look fabulous and such a great way to learn about recycling alongside side our planted milk cartons. We will continue to delve deeper into growth and decay as we watch our bean shoots grow inside ( we have them in plastic wallets stuck to the inside of our door) The shoot has now popped out over the top! When you drop your children off take a peek. 

Our annual sponsored bounce is slightly different this year – Risers are using the Primary running track and doing a sponsored run instead and our little ones will be using space hoppers to bounce around a track in our garden. All money raised will help towards renovating our planting garden. So a huge thankyou in advance for your support with this. 

Lisa & team