This term


Welcome !

As we continue to fight through this Pandemic Pre-School continues as the one stable joy of the week.  please be assured that apart from lots more hand washing your children will not feel like Pre-School is any different.

This term we are capitalising on your children’s curiosity from hiding items in ice blocks and encouraging the children to talk about the properties of ice and how its made to chipping away at it to see what’s inside. We not only use hammers but also warm water and pipettes. A really simple activity to try at home too.  We will be making lots of different soups encouraging the children to explore flavour and try new ingredients. I will add these recipes to the tapestry for you to try at home .

Each year we consider the children’s interests and ensure that resources meet their needs. We decided to buy a new market Stall to enhance our Role play area.  The children will create labels , price tags and use their negotiating skills with their peers  as they re-enact every day life.  We have added a sofa to our Home corner and will continue to add /enhance these areas throughout the term.

As we edge towards Spring we will be looking at our garden area and start to plan with the children what we shall grow this year. By keeping them involved from the very beginning they take ownership and responsibility and most importantly pride in their achievements


Lisa & team