This term


A big welcome back to everyone I  hope you all had a lovely break over the Summer.

As we ease ourselves back into the Autumn term we will start by getting to know all the new children and reacquainting with the old. We will have lots of ‘News times’ encouraging the children to chat with each other and with us as we discover their new interests. This term our focus will be on Communication. We have a wonderful story telling area both inside and out, small spaces for the children to cosy into and delve into a world of make-believe. . Alongside this, we have our wonderful new outdoor green space for the children to explore. I wonder what they will use it for? Maybe building  a camp or maybe  to learn about our new Herbs and flowers that are growing there. 

All of our activities have purpose and our experienced staff will support and scaffold your children as they investigate and explore them. We will be using  lots of loose resources such as Wheels , planks , large boxes, ramps etc . The intent is for the children to work together using their imagination and creativity . Being able to follow direction from others and give direction to their peers, developing friendships and building bonds. The children differ in age so  there will be a huge amount of  peer to peer learning taking place as they take into account each other’s ideas. Our role at this point may be to add a different resource to the scenario so it can develop into a deeper learning experience or it may be just to observe and make note of an interest that we could develop further in the week.

Don’t forget to use Tapestry to add any fun things you have been doing at home with your children. 

We can’t wait to  see you all xx