In today’s busy world, yoga offers a welcome ‘pause’. It is an all-round movement that encompasses mind, body and breath with proven mental and physical benefits. Certainly, from personal experience I always feel better coming out of a yoga session than I did before I went in! For this reason, I’m really excited about introducing yoga to the children to share the numerous benefits and the feeling of wellbeing. Children’s yoga works on the same three principles as adult’s yoga (mind, body and breath) but it is delivered in a very different way; it is much more fun, animated and less structured. The postures are grouped into Animals, Nature and Objects and each week we will follow a different theme, using our imagination and all our senses. Our yoga time will include movement, music, rhymes, stories, breathing exercises and creative games in a safe, inclusive environment. This will consist of ‘waking up’ our body; a circle time to share smiles, feelings and touch; clapping out different rhythms; sensory activities; movement based on a story or theme; and a gentle wind down focusing on our breathing whilst listening to music.

There are numerous benefits associated with yoga…

Physically – it strengthens the body; helps with co-ordination (fine motor and gross motor); improves digestion; relaxes the body promoting better sleep; and develops core strength essential for posture and alignment.

Mentally – it calms and clears the mind, bringing the children into the present moment; increases concentration, focus and attention; expands imagination and creativity; promotes thinking; and boosts memory.

Emotionally – it builds confidence and self-esteem; enhances team skills and social interactions; develops self-control and self-expression; and develops respect for themselves and others.

If you are interested in finding out more, the following websites are really useful:

Over the next few weeks, we will be having fun learning new postures, bringing our favourite stories to life and being more aware of our bodies and minds. You may find your child coming home showing you how a lion roars or how their teddy rises and falls on their tummy as they breathe – if they do, join in with them!

Please ask if you would like copies of any postures (asanas) or any other information.

Namaste Bev